Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is the no contact rule the best option to saving my marriage?

My wife and I have been separated for about 2 months. I recently asked to have a No contact time and she agreed.

she wants to only have contact via e-mail. Should I respond to the e-mails since she is the one who asked for the space in the first place?

Is the no contact rule the best option to saving my marriage?
I thought this was what teenagers do to play games. You're married.. Not communicating doesn't sound like a way to save a marriage, does it?Is the no contact rule the best option to saving my marriage?
Emailing each other is not no contact. No contact means no contact whatsoever, no emails, no messages, no IM's, nothing. No contact can do one of two things, it will be either be 'out of sight out of mind' or make the other person miss you terribly and make them appreciate you more, and force them to see what life is really like without you.

No contact is a good idea, it gives you time to reflect, let your emotions calm down and think with a clear head. It's a hard thing to do but it's worth it. I did it for nearly 4 months and it worked out well for me.
I agree with Violet Pearl. You are both being too stubborn and a no contact rule is sabotage to your marriage. She is reaching out and you need to break this contract and get some counseling together and maybe you both can recapture the feelings that brought you both together to begin with. You both seem to feel so passionate with your mutual stubborness. Direct that passion in a positive way. Sounds like there could be hope. Give love a chance! I would hear about some of our yahoo people to tell us some success get together back again stories. I will pray for you two!
depends on what you want? if you accept it then respond. if you don't then tell her you don't. and when she is ready she can call you or how ever you feel is better for you to communicate. remember this, say what you feel. be honest with yourself. tell her again, that you do not want any contact right now. if she respects you she will give you space. maybe she wants some more money? go ahead keep up being the fool.
maybe this is t he only way she's able to communicate, but what kind of marriage do you two have. There had to be something very drastic happen that she doesnt watn no contact with you. you said that your the one who asked for no contact thing in the first place so what you complaing about???/
I feel she is avoiding physical contact with you, no I would not talk to her via e-mail, if you did it to her she would be pissed off! Tell her to talk to you face to face, that is how you took your vows she gonna have to face you soon or a later.
No contact time? You put communication on a time out? Why? The only way to repair your problems are to discuss them. Avoiding each other will only make a separation a divorce. Try going to a counselor and discussing your problems and finding a solution.
you need to talk to her some time and sometimes the best way is through e-mail so you can get your real feelings out without the discomfort.

And if either of you get mad you can just go cool off for a bit.

that cannot be healthy at all for your marriage, i mean to have a no contact rule, who does that anyway, i have never heard of that before.I can see w/out communication, this marriage will go nowhere fast!
Yes you should respond. It may be easier for her to communicate via email than in person and this is her way of trying to preserve your relationship by keeping communications open, but avoiding confrontations from one on one situations.
maybe seek counseling. They can help you learn to communicate better. Communication is useful in our world. And each of you have no idea what it is about.
I think saving your marriage is out of the question if there are no contact rules going on. That means you two have zero connection or want for that. I could never go through that with my husband. Good luck.
sounds like junior high, not a marriage
no, seeking professional help is
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