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What is the view of the Seventh-day Adventist Church regarding the receiving of rings at the Marriage Ceremony?

Are Adventists couples allowed to give Wedding Rings at the Marriage ceremony? How is this delicate matter handled?What is the view of the Seventh-day Adventist Church regarding the receiving of rings at the Marriage Ceremony?
while we don't traditionally have a ring ceremony, I have seen couples who wear them, it is a symbol of their committment in marriage,I wore a wedding ring long ago but I was not walking the path and have sadly and unfortunatley long ago divorced, I do not typically wear jewelery as that is how I was taught as a youth, I have worn ';some'; on special occasion, but I don't feel comfy and to be honest I am a bit of a tom boyish gal and have broken the pieces I did have :-) doesn't do anything but get in the way while riding horseback or workin under the hood, yes, I can change your oil if you can sew LOL isn't the reason behind jewelery to be a show of ';wealth/riches';? it's been awhile since anyone has reiterated....Thanks and God Bless and Keep YouWhat is the view of the Seventh-day Adventist Church regarding the receiving of rings at the Marriage Ceremony?
I have heard more so in America that rings are not worn by some Adventist couples but yet they would wear an expensive brooch to symbolise they are married. This might be rare now I`m not sure but in the UK as far as I see in the Adventist weddings I have attended and all Adventist couples I know including my own family have all exchanged rings, have engagement rings aswell.

We see it is a a symbol of committment, an outward sign to others we are married and the circle represents a never ending bond between husband and wife.

I can however see why some churches(Adventist) would not wear a ring because it has pagan roots in magic, believe it or not.

This is a little paragraph from a page I found on the symbolism of the ring.


The unbroken circle is an age-old symbol of eternity. It's easy to see why such an ancient symbol should be incorporated into a wedding ceremony, when 'everlasting love' is the hope of the couple, their families and friends. Nice idea, but sadly, just giving a ring does not ensure everlasting love. The ring does not represent enslavement either; a more permanent mark could be made with a branding iron or a tattooed bar-code on the forehead1.

No, the ring represents neither everlasting love nor bondage; rather it's a token stemming from ancient magic.


As far as I know, most couples chose to show thier committment by the giving and exchanging of rings purely as that...a symbol of thier comittment.
marriage ceremony in the adventist church defer from place to place as the church is Universal and respect the sentiments of the local area. Exchanging wedding rings also allowed if that is the custom of that place. You may read adventist hand book and elders book which clearly mention about the ceremony.
im adventist and i dont think their is anything wrong with it. that is just some people's opinion because the whole thing in the bible that talks about not decorating your body or whatever. but i think its fine;) dont care about what anyone else thinks. you are who you are and if they dont like it.. thats their problem. God loves you no matter what :)
If I am not mistaken I think EG White spoke against the wedding ring.

lol. Saved me money when I got married to an Adventist. Needless to say it did not last...
im not sure but me and my parents are seventh day adventists and my mom wears a wedding ring and i know alot of faithful adventist couples at my church who both wear wedding rings

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